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Van Tour

 After our last blog post all about the conversion of our campervan, I thought I'd make a van tour to show you all how it looks now we have been living in it for a few months! We have travelled up the North East coast of England and Scotland, took the ferry across to the Orkney Islands and are currently sat in the sun near the River Borgie, Torrisdale.

Converting a Minibus to a Campervan

Our home on wheels was originally a 13 seat minibus which was converted by Megan’s dad for us. In this post I will share images of the process of the build.

Van Life Q&A: Part 2

 If you haven't caught up on part 1 of the Q&A then head over before you read this! We'd like to say a big thanks again to everyone who sent in a question about living in our van, we're loving sharing our adventures with you.

Van Life Q&A: Part 1

Since we started to post on Instagram about living full time in a converted minibus we have received a few questions about life on the road with our cat, Moss. Previously, I wrote a Q&A blog post which answered our followers' questions about photography and I thought the same style would work well for these questions too!

Van Life: Part 1

 We officially moved into our van on the 26th June 2021 and we are loving it! We spent a few weeks staying with our families as we hadn’t seen them a lot over the past year.

Cat Backpacks

 If you are thinking about walking your cat on a lead, you will definitely want to invest in a cat backpack! We have always taken a cat backpack on our walks with us as it provides safety for Moss against strangers, dogs and bad weather.

Walking Your Cat in the UK

You wouldn’t believe from our Instagram page that Moss is an indoor cat but she’s never been outside on her own. We have always had concerns about the risks surrounding busy roads, animal fights, theft etc. as the town is always scattered with 'lost cat' posters.

Ask the Photographer

Over the past year on Instagram, we've had a lot of questions about how we take our photos of Moss, the equipment we use and a lot of general interest. We are always happy to reply to comments and messages but this blog post will be available for everyone to look at as they please!

How to Harness Train Your Cat

Whether it's on walks with Moss or online on Instagram, people are always curious about how we harness trained our kitten. We've all seen the viral videos of cats and kitten's who refuse to walk or even stand up in a harness and whilst they are very funny, I feel for you if that's the situation you are facing whilst attempting to harness train your cat.

Get to Know Us

 My name is Beth and I have been debating whether to create a blog for our kitten, Moss, for some time now as our Instagram page and interest in Moss continues to grow. An account which I created in May 2020, after finishing university, has amassed over 3,000 followers and currently displays over 250 photos of our kitten.

All images copyright Megan Bendall 2021