Van Tour

 After our last blog post all about the conversion of our campervan, I thought I’d make a van tour to show you all how it looks now we have been living in it for a few months! We have travelled up the North East coast of England and Scotland, took the ferry across to the Orkney Islands and are currently sat in the sun near the River Borgie, Torrisdale. We will be heading down the West coast of Scotland soon and we are hoping that it’s not too busy now that it’s nearing October. We have been loving life in the van and have now worked out somewhat of a routine that works well for us. The one thing we knew we wanted before we even had the van was a standard double bed that we wouldn’t have to pull out and fold away everyday. We are so glad we decided this as it is so easy and means that about 75% of the storage space is underneath the bed with easy access from inside and outside of the van.

  We have cupboard space underneath the hob and the sink, although part of it holds two bottles for fresh water and grey water from the sink. Inside the cupboards we have non-slip mats with 2 boxes that contain food and separate boxes for cutlery, toiletries and washing powder. We also keep a few tins of Moss’ food and a bag of treats in the cupboards as it is the easiest access within the van. We have hooks in the van above the kitchen area for plants, our calendar and fairy lights which makes the van feel a bit more like home! There’s also a double hook by the side door for keys and bags which we use for laundry and to keep products we use everyday. In front of the kitchen area is part of Moss’ cat tree, she uses the scratch post regularly and sleeps on top. We would have a lot more space without it but we wanted to ensure that Moss is comfortable and still has the things that she enjoys!

 We have Moss’ old carrier in the van as she likes to lie inside and watch the world. When we aren’t cooking we put her carrier on-top of the counter to save floor space. We have a 2 burner hob which is connected to a small gas tank in the back of the van and it has been great for hot meals.

The bed also has storage space underneath with access via cupboard doors or the back doors of the van. The doors are held together with hook latches and magnets so that they stay closed whilst we are driving which is very useful! There are also two seats next to the bed, one of which has storage inside where we keep books and a few everyday cleaning supplies and the other has the leisure battery and light switches. I like how minimal the van can look due to all of the hidden storage as it’s easy for it to feel crowded very quickly. We have a hammock for Moss which she has started using recently and we love it! When we first got the van, we were so excited about the skylight, it’s great in the day but at night we can’t really see stars and we have made a cover to stop the light waking us in the morning. As our van has so many windows, I don’t think we use the skylight as much as we originally thought!

  On the front seats we have Moss’ basket which she is attached to whilst we are driving for safety and her litter box which we move into the front when we are parked up. This gives a lot more space in the back of the van and is easy for Moss to access. Most of the large additions within the van are for Moss but we wouldn’t have it any other way and it doesn’t cause us too much hassle now that we have given everything it’s own space!

Thank you all for reading and feel free to ask us any questions over at our Instagram!

Beth, Megan and Moss x

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Megan’s Instagram: meganthebendall