Van Life Q&A: Part 1

 Since we started to post on Instagram about living full time in a converted minibus we have received a few questions about life on the road with our cat, Moss. Previously, I wrote a Q&A blog post which answered our followers’ questions about photography and I thought the same style would work well for these questions too!

 Firstly, @sassylilnudist asked ‘do you (Moss) do van zoomies?’

 Yes! Moss does van zoomies after she’s slept which means that she runs
around in circles and jumps on and over us until she’s tired out!

 @ziggytheterror asked us a few questions ‘what are the best and worst things
about life on the road?’

 The best thing is getting to wake up in a new place every day as we’ve
seen so many beautiful places already. One of the worst things is that
Moss can really be a pain at night, we used to be able to close the
bedroom door whereas now if Moss is awake then we are awake too!

 ‘How do you spend your downtime in the van?’

 It’s so nice having so much time on our hands! Megan is currently
building Moss a ‘throne’ out of sand on the beach whilst I write this.
We love to spend our days exploring towns and beaches, walking and

@squipcat asked ‘does Moss have a favourite spot in the van or any
particular habits?’

 Moss loves to sleep on the drivers seat (when we aren’t moving) as it’s
nice and cool and dark. She still wakes us up with cuddles and purrs
which we love, we’re so glad she hasn’t changed that habit!

 @babylennox03 asked ‘do you plan where you’re going or just go where the
day takes you?’

 When we decide to move on from our spot we pick our next destination and
find a place to stay using books or apps. We haven’t pre-booked any
stops meaning that a lot of campsites are full but after a few phone
calls we manage to find one that’s available for a night!

 @lattefeline asked us quite a few questions, thank you! First of all, ‘how do you get wifi?’ 

 We don’t use wifi unless we’re at a pub, campsite or shop which offers it. We both
have phone plans with 15-20gb of data and free social media usage so
we’re only really using data for maps and music.

 ‘Where do you take a shower or bath whilst living in the van?’

 As someone who would shower everyday it’s been a bit of an adjustment to shower a lot less frequently! We shower and do our laundry at campsites.
In between showers we wash in the van, swim in the sea (does that
count?) and get through a fair amount of dry shampoo!

 ‘How do you collect your parcels?’ 

 We use our parents addresses to send parcels to as we don’t need urgent
access to most things. There are also Amazon lockers and pick up points
for parcels if we feel the need to use them in future.

 We received a lot of questions for the blog post so I’ve decided to split it into 2 parts. I will post the other half next week, so don’t worry if we didn’t answer your question(s) in this segment!

Thank you for reading,

Beth, Megan and Moss x

Instagram: mosstherat
Megan’s Instagram: meganthebendall