Van Life: Part 1

 We officially moved into our van on the 26th June 2021 and we are loving it! We spent a few weeks staying with our families as we hadn’t seen them a lot over the past year. So far, our route has covered Cheltenham → Birmingham → Essex → Norfolk → Newcastle Upon Tyne → Beadnell and to where I am currently writing from, a small farm shop and restaurant in Belford in the North East of England.

 Unfortunately, we’ve noticed that a lot of places now clearly state ‘no overnight parking’ which has been a bit stressful. We’ve found that most free stopovers such as pubs only allow for a 24 hour stay meaning we are constantly planning our next stop. It’s all part of the fun though, right?! So far, we’ve been loving the free time we’ve had and have spent it exploring beaches, walking, reading and playing games at campsites.

 Our cat, Moss, is getting on really well with van life. We’ve found that she’s happy to lounge around in her harness and we have put her lead around the front chair headrest so that she can be safe whilst we have the van doors open and still have room to move around and access everything she needs. She’s a clever cat and has found that she can remove the window covers at night which makes a delightful noise and lets the light in at around 5am (by the way, any suggestions on how to stop this would really help us out!). Overall, we’re really happy with how Moss has adapted and couldn’t ask for a better travel companion. From here, we will be continuing to head up the North East cost into Scotland and we can’t wait to continue our journey.

 I’m going to put together a Q&A style blog post which answers your questions about living in a van (similar to our photography Q&A) in a separate entry. If you’d like to be featured send us a message over at our Instagram!

Thanks for following our adventures,

Beth, Megan and Moss x

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