Converting a Minibus to a Campervan

 Our home on wheels was originally a 13 seat minibus which was converted by Megan’s dad for us. In this post I will share images of the process of the build. The project took around 6 months to complete but it would have taken a lot longer if we were doing it ourselves! We are able to live completely off grid in our van as it has a 14V leisure battery, powered by 2 solar panels on the roof, to run the fridge, lights and USB chargers and a 24V inverter for the laptop charger which we can run without the need for an electric hook up at campsites! We also have a toilet inside the van as well as a 2 burner gas hob and a sink. Below are some photos of the conversion in progress (hover to read descriptions);

 One thing that we love about the conversion is having so many windows from the original minibus, it means that we can lie in bed and watch the sea and the sunsets whilst staying nice and cosy! Although, if we travelled again we would invest in some different blinds rather than the removable covers we have currently to stop our cat, Moss pulling them down at 5am.

 The van is now looking a lot more lived in as we have been travelling for a few months. We’ve had to make things work with what we have, such as a towel to cover the skylight. We have also met some kind people along the way who have helped us out. One man gave us string to make a washing line after we struggled to find any in the shop and just this morning a mechanic fixed our broken window free of charge!

 Stay tuned for our next blog post which will be an up to date van tour! Thanks so much for reading and supporting our adventures,

Beth, Megan and Moss x

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