Cat Backpacks

 If you are thinking about walking your cat on a lead, you will definitely want to invest in a cat backpack! We have always taken a cat backpack on our walks with us as it provides safety for Moss against strangers, dogs and bad weather. Cat backpacks provide a safe space for your furry friend and also give you room to keep water, cat treats and anything else that might be important! There are a range of different styles, colours and sizes available online to suit your needs! We wish that pet shops would sell them too as it would help promote and normalise taking your cat outside more than a few times a year just to visit the vet! It can also be daunting ordering online when you are unsure if it will be suitable for yourself and your cat. Luckily for you, we’re here to recommend our favourite styles and we know that many of our pawesome four-legged friends over on Instagram are always happy to share their experiences too. Joining the Instagram cat community is a great idea if you are newly starting out with an adventure kitten, just as we did. 

Which Backpack is Best?

 Firstly, we ordered a completely clear plastic backed backpack but decided it wasn’t suitable for us as it was very small and we were concerned about Moss overheating due to the lack of ventilation in the one that we tried. We moved onto a small brown backpack (pictured above) which was from Amazon (£33). It worked well for Moss as a kitten as she could hang her front two legs out of the front and watch the world! The open circle was a lovely feature and also came with a mesh covering and a clear plastic bubble. The mesh covering was great for walking around busy areas as no-one even noticed Moss inside! The bubble was also a great feature, Moss looked like a tiny astronaut and it was brilliant for rainy weather. Unfortunately, it got a bit small for her as she was approaching 7 months old and we wanted to ensure that she could lie down more comfortably whilst inside the backpack. I’d seen a lot of pawsitive reviews on Instagram for the brand Mr. Peanuts Pet Carriers (£55 on Amazon) so we decided to purchase one of theirs. The backpack is great as it’s bigger for Moss to lie down in. She can be attached into the bag by her harness and we tend to leave the top open (in good weather) so that she can peer out or sit on our shoulders if she wants to. We’ve also used the backpack for visits to the vet as it can be carried horizontally to give Moss a bit
more space inside and is suitable to use as an under-seat airline pet carrier.  Cat backpacks vary in price but as we use ours multiple times a week to take Moss on walks we knew it would be worth spending the money on.

Backpack Training Your Cat

 We started off by training Moss to sit on our shoulders from a very young age. This began by walking around the house with Moss on our shoulders until she learned how to hold on, jump up and jump down. She jumps onto our shoulders from a lower level or climbs her way up our bodies before deciding she’s ready to leave and scales back down our arms onto the floor. Shoulder training Moss gave her more confidence and has strengthened our bonds with her, she loves to stand on Megan’s shoulder whilst she cooks!
 It is important that your pet is comfortable in the backpack. Moss had been living with us for a month before we introduced the backpack to her. She started off by inspecting it and we would carry her around the house in it before taking her outside. We would also take her out in her regular pet carrier before this which helped her feel safe and comfortable in the car and outside. Leaving the backpack open and in an accessible space will help your cat become more comfortable around it and they may even use it as a bed, as Moss occasionally does! Your cats favourite treats and toys will work as a great incentive! You can also find cat comforting sprays in pet shops which might help to destress your feline friend if necessary. It appears to us that Moss is very grateful for the backpack as she climbs into it herself when she has had enough exploring and gets to take in all of the views from inside or on top of our shoulders! We have also mastered the ‘scoop’ of picking Moss up and getting her swiftly into the backpack if we notice off-lead dogs approaching us.

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We hope you enjoyed this post,
Beth, Megan and Moss x

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