Converting a Minibus to a Campervan

 Our home on wheels was originally a 13 seat minibus which was converted by Megan’s dad for us. In this post I will share images of the process of the build. The project took around 6 months to complete but it would have taken a lot longer if we were doing it ourselves! We are able to live completely off grid in our van as it has a 14V leisure battery, powered by 2 solar panels on the roof, to run the fridge, lights and USB chargers and a 24V inverter for the laptop charger which we can run without the need for an electric hook up at campsites! We also have a toilet inside the van as well as a 2 burner gas hob and a sink. Below are some photos of the conversion in progress (hover to read descriptions);

 One thing that we love about the conversion is having so many windows from the original minibus, it means that we can lie in bed and watch the sea and the sunsets whilst staying nice and cosy! Although, if we travelled again we would invest in some different blinds rather than the removable covers we have currently to stop our cat, Moss pulling them down at 5am.

 The van is now looking a lot more lived in as we have been travelling for a few months. We’ve had to make things work with what we have, such as a towel to cover the skylight. We have also met some kind people along the way who have helped us out. One man gave us string to make a washing line after we struggled to find any in the shop and just this morning a mechanic fixed our broken window free of charge!

 Stay tuned for our next blog post which will be an up to date van tour! Thanks so much for reading and supporting our adventures,

Beth, Megan and Moss x

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Van Life Q&A: Part 2

 If you haven’t caught up on part 1 of the Q&A then head over before you read this! We’d like to say a big thanks again to everyone who sent in a question about living in our van, we’re loving sharing our adventures with you.

@lattefeline asked us some more questions about travelling with our cat; ‘does Moss get sick whilst travelling?’ 

 No, Moss is very good whilst driving, she has her basket that she sits
in and can lie down comfortably. Sometimes she meows but we’ve found
that after a quick stop she’s fine to continue the journey.

 ‘How or where do you get the money to cover your living expenses?’

We have worked over the past year to save money for our travels and we
do not have a fixed income whilst on the road.

@catsdogs_travel asked ‘has Moss ever intended to escape from the van?’

 Luckily, no she hasn’t! We can tell what mood Moss is in, if she’s lying
down and is relaxed we leave her whilst we open the doors. However, if
she’s having zoomies or is wide eyed watching birds, we make sure
that her harness is on and that she’s attached to her lead. Moss has a
tendency to bolt so we would rather take precautions with the lead than
risk losing her. She also doesn’t mind the harness and lead and will
happily sleep with them on.

@lexismaw and @maatiaiskissa.pasi asked very similar questions about
Moss’ litter box and the type of litter we use on the road!

 We have a top-entry litter box as Moss is quite a messy cat
and kicks her litter everywhere! It’s a large litter box but we couldn’t
find anything smaller with a top entrance so we just have to move it onto the
front seats when we stop driving to give us more room in the back of the van. We are currently using Breeder Celect paper cat litter as we’ve found that it doesn’t smell as strong as wood pellets which we were previously using.   

 @lillyandsnow_ asked ‘how does Moss cope with the long journeys and how
did you train her so that she’s not afraid?’

 She’s very good in the van and doesn’t mind long journeys although we
try to keep the driving time short (under 2 hours a day) for Megan (as
the only driver) and Moss to feel comfortable! Despite Moss looking brave on her photos, she does get easily spooked and her instinct is to bolt and get up high rather than to come back to us or the van. We find that every time we take her outside she improves slightly and the other day she even jumped into the backpack instead of trying to get further away, this was a big achievement! We try to remain calm around Moss and use lots of verbal encouragement around dogs, bikes, cars and anything else that she might be afraid of!

@squipcat thought of a few more questions from our last blog post including ‘where do you go to the toilet?’

 We have a toilet in our van that’s nicely tucked under a counter, we have to empty it weekly at campsites but we’re very happy that we have one in the van! We also use supermarkets and cafes whenever we can to leave more space in the van toilet.

‘Are you on the road indefinitely or do you have plans to move into a fixed abode again?’

 We are unsure at the moment as our trip is definitely costing more than we originally thought. We have found that campsites are around £20-£30 a night which would eat up our budget pretty fast if we used them every night! We will move into a house again when we need to find work again, although we currently have no idea where that will be!

 @percypassingby simply said ‘van tour!’

 I will do a post on the van very soon, I promise!

 @dorathecat29 asked ‘how does Moss like living in a van and where did
you get her from?’

 Moss really doesn’t seem to mind living in the van. I think she’s
happiest with us so she’s loving spending all of this time together! We
got her from Megan’s aunt’s friend in London. We weren’t planning on
getting a cat but we’re so glad that we did!

Thank you for reading part 2 of our van life Q&A, if you have anymore questions please send us a message on Instagram!

Beth, Megan and Moss x

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Megan’s Instagram: meganthebendall

Van Life Q&A: Part 1

 Since we started to post on Instagram about living full time in a converted minibus we have received a few questions about life on the road with our cat, Moss. Previously, I wrote a Q&A blog post which answered our followers’ questions about photography and I thought the same style would work well for these questions too!

 Firstly, @sassylilnudist asked ‘do you (Moss) do van zoomies?’

 Yes! Moss does van zoomies after she’s slept which means that she runs
around in circles and jumps on and over us until she’s tired out!

 @ziggytheterror asked us a few questions ‘what are the best and worst things
about life on the road?’

 The best thing is getting to wake up in a new place every day as we’ve
seen so many beautiful places already. One of the worst things is that
Moss can really be a pain at night, we used to be able to close the
bedroom door whereas now if Moss is awake then we are awake too!

 ‘How do you spend your downtime in the van?’

 It’s so nice having so much time on our hands! Megan is currently
building Moss a ‘throne’ out of sand on the beach whilst I write this.
We love to spend our days exploring towns and beaches, walking and

@squipcat asked ‘does Moss have a favourite spot in the van or any
particular habits?’

 Moss loves to sleep on the drivers seat (when we aren’t moving) as it’s
nice and cool and dark. She still wakes us up with cuddles and purrs
which we love, we’re so glad she hasn’t changed that habit!

 @babylennox03 asked ‘do you plan where you’re going or just go where the
day takes you?’

 When we decide to move on from our spot we pick our next destination and
find a place to stay using books or apps. We haven’t pre-booked any
stops meaning that a lot of campsites are full but after a few phone
calls we manage to find one that’s available for a night!

 @lattefeline asked us quite a few questions, thank you! First of all, ‘how do you get wifi?’ 

 We don’t use wifi unless we’re at a pub, campsite or shop which offers it. We both
have phone plans with 15-20gb of data and free social media usage so
we’re only really using data for maps and music.

 ‘Where do you take a shower or bath whilst living in the van?’

 As someone who would shower everyday it’s been a bit of an adjustment to shower a lot less frequently! We shower and do our laundry at campsites.
In between showers we wash in the van, swim in the sea (does that
count?) and get through a fair amount of dry shampoo!

 ‘How do you collect your parcels?’ 

 We use our parents addresses to send parcels to as we don’t need urgent
access to most things. There are also Amazon lockers and pick up points
for parcels if we feel the need to use them in future.

 We received a lot of questions for the blog post so I’ve decided to split it into 2 parts. I will post the other half next week, so don’t worry if we didn’t answer your question(s) in this segment!

Thank you for reading,

Beth, Megan and Moss x

Instagram: mosstherat
Megan’s Instagram: meganthebendall