About Us


Beth is 21 years old, originally from the West Midlands and currently lives in Cheltenham, South West with Megan and Moss. She recently graduated with a Criminology degree from the University of Gloucestershire.

Fun Facts

Beth is a huge music lover and introduced us to Sufjan Stevens, a family favourite. Her favourite season is Spring and she has an avid green thumb, tending to her houseplants and outdoor windowsill plants. She has a love for soft toys, cuddling with Moss and adventuring.


Megan is 22 years old and grew up in Newcastle. She moved to Cheltenham to study Photography: Editorial and Advertising at the University of Gloucestershire and graduated in 2019.

Fun Facts

Megan has her own Instagram page where she documents her photography work, some of which has been featured in exhibitions around the UK. Her favourite work has been documentary based and she really enjoys taking portraits. In her spare time she enjoys playing chase with Moss, eating Chinese food and watching cartoons.


Moss was born on the 3rd March 2020. She is a mixed breed short haired cat. Moss is an indoor cat who likes to go outside for walks in and around Cheltenham. She is confident walking on her harness and lead, however, is able to retreat to the safety of her backpack if she feels uneasy around strangers or dogs.

Fun Facts

Moss is not very interested in toys and prefers to play chase. She is very sassy and often meows in response to being held or moved when she’s happy exploring the kitchen counters. She will happily stand still during a walk whilst Megan photographs her!

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